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Our Mission

The M6:8 Project aims to be a place of refuge for those facing domestic abuse.


Providing support services that will love, build up and empower individuals and families to live a life free from fear and harm.

Our Vision

The M6:8 Project vision is it to help, support and educate anyone who has or could be vulnerable to

domestic abuse.


Abuse does not discriminate and neither do we.

Our Aims

To Educate & Empower

people about domestic abuse.

To Support Individuals & Families 

to free themselves from harmful

situations from beginning to end.

To Raise Awareness

of all forms of domestic abuse.

Meet Our Team



Tilly is the founder of The M6:8 Project, having been the victim of domestic abuse herself, Tilly is now committed to helping people find their safe place that will lead to their own freedom.

M6:8 Project Volunteers

Our Volunteers

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who help with all aspects of the project, from physical re-housing and collecting items, to helping to promote the project and raise awareness.


1 in 5 women have experienced sexual violence from a current or previous partner from the age of 15.

1 man per month is killed by a current or previous partner.

130,000 children live in homes where there is a high-risk of Domestic Abuse

In the UK police get a Domestic abuse call every 30 seconds

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