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When there was no hope, and I was so desperate I was given a phone number to call as I was told that they will help. 

I wasn't given a name just a number. I phoned it and by surprise a bubbly lady answered the call. Now I know that lady as Tilly.  

She helped me when I thought there was no hope and no way out. I didn't know what was going to happen, if we would live of die.  

She gave us hope again. She did not judge or push me into anything, but gave me options advice and a safe place to talk and be open and honest about the torture I was experiencing.


Things moved quickly which felt so surreal as I NEVER though things would change for me and my children. 

That evening we were in a safe place with a door I could lock and know that me and my children were safe. We were given a new phone, clothes and most importantly my children had pyjamas which they were never allowed to wear at home. 


I cried myself to sleep that night knowing this was the hardest thing I had to do but the right thing. I could not have done it without the support of The M 6:8 Project. 


We are on this journey and I know we are not alone and their support will continue for as long as I need it. 


We are now in a safe home in a new place but The M 6:8 Project has supported me to accept the way I was living was wrong. I found the courage to file a police report and hold people accountable for what they put me and my children through. It has not been easy and I have been free for 6 weeks now and I now know my life and my children's lives will only get better. 

I know there is always a risk of it happening again but I am learning so much and learning how to recognise signs of different form of domestic abuse and how I can keep us all safe.

Thank you for giving me hope and a future. 


I was introduced to The M68 project by another organisation I had asked for help on Facebook. They have been extremely understanding and supportive with my circumstances.


Natalie who is the founder of The M68 project, has bent over backwards for me and my children. She has managed to help us with getting some furniture, getting my daughter's new uniform for her new school and more. 

I struggle with mental health and was very worried about us not having any money, I spoke to Natalie about everything and instead of feeding me catalogue ideas and loans, she actually took the time to put in amazing work to help us. 

When we moved we had no furniture, no money and next to no food, I didn't even have a way of moving successfully by myself and received minimal assistance from my previous borough which only came in the form of limited travel. 

Since having Natalie's help, my family and I are getting on our way and are very happy with the help given to us, words can not describe. 

Natalie you deserve knighthood for the unforgettable help you provide for vulnerable people and families, God has truly blessed you with a platinum heart. 

Me and my family are truly thankful for all you have done.

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I had assistance from Natalie Boyle, she was extremely far away so the support they manage to give is actually impressive.

I received a lift to another borough one and a half hours away, a pick up from my chemist for an important prescription, another pick up of a new prescription at my old drugs and alcohol unit and yet another pick up of laundry from my friends.


They literally drove me everywhere and bought me a drink and bought me an estimate of £200 worth of Waitrose, Marks and Spencer's food, toiletries, kitchen essentials and clothes.


I also received a boxed Russel Hobbs microwave, kettle, and toaster.


Natalie also gave me a necklace that was engraved with "Courage to be free".


She stayed for 2 nights in a hotel 10 minutes away from the new abode to make sure I was ok.


This women is an Angel! May God bless her abundantly!

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